September 15, 2020


Families and Friends of Homestead Health Center:

You will find Homestead’s reopening document on the Facebook account and the website. Homestead will begin with very limited visitation on September 23, 2020. As we move through the coming weeks, the team will evaluate the county COVID situation, Homestead’s ability to test quickly, visitors and others coming into the facility, and other factors in an attempt to be able to provide in-facility visitation before the winter months begin.

It is very important to not compromise protocol, so we ask you read the document carefully and should you have questions, please contact Beth Green, Administrator.

The visiting area will be set up in the front lobby. As we have accessibility to test kits, you may be required to come 15 -20 minutes early for testing. This will be dependent upon the availability of test kits. You must contact the facility if you find you become symptomatic or have been in contact with someone testing positive within 48 hours prior to your visit.

I will preface this with the caveat: Any COVID positive among staff or residents will pre-empt this plan and take us back to lockdown.

Homestead is blessed to not have any residents with COVID. We have only had two staff members test positive during this six months of pandemic. Everyone fully recovered and no residents were placed at risk. Thank you for your prayers and support.

We are learning from this pandemic how to be resilient and flexible.

Again, please read the reopening document carefully. Feel free to ask any questions. You may call

(316.262.4473 ext 227) or email

Beth Green, Administrator

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