April 9, 2021

Update from Homestead Health Center

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

We are well on our way initiating spring into our world.  In Kansas, this means 80 degrees one day and 50 degrees the next day, south winds for two days and north winds for a couple of days -- REPEAT.  We wear coats/sweaters for a couple of days a week and flip-flops/tank tops/shorts the rest of the week!  Attempting to keep everyone comfortable in the facility has driven many of us to layer, layer, and layer.  Of course, April is the month where southern Kansas is experiencing storms while northwestern Kansas could have a foot of snow…….Mother Nature at her best! Yet, we love the promise of green grass, green trees, and multitudes of colorful flowers (even if they are yellow and purple!).

Sedgwick County positivity rate continues to hover between 2.5% - 3%.  I hope you consider the vaccine if not already.  I realize it is not a cure.  Whatever we can do to slow the spread and transmission of COVID is a step in the right direction.  Wearing masks, social distancing out in public, using hand sanitizer, AND using common sense.  This is the equation for success in providing our elders a safe environment. 

Thank you for those taking advantage of the facility visitation and following the recommended guidelines.  The exciting news for this week:  Homestead will open visitation to include children.  Here are the guidelines:

  • One adult and two children per resident per visit

  • Masks/Screening required

  • Children must be with adult at all times

  • Visits must be scheduled/45 minutes in length

This is so exciting!  Along with the anticipation of outdoor visits and activities to include family members, we are excitedly looking forward to 2021. 

The caveat:  Keeping Sedgwick County below 5% positivity and keeping Homestead residents COVID free.  We need your assistance on both of these aspects.

I have included a link to the CDC travel guidance for your information as you look to plan vacations.


We are so grateful and appreciative for your support through this last year.  Please continue prayers for Homestead.  Our census suffered during the months of November and December.  God is providing and we are walking day-by-day.  Staff need encouragement and support. 

Homestead is looking for a Director of Nursing.   If you know of someone who would be a great fit for Homestead, please send our way. 

Well, I am signing off for this week.  Keep safe, enjoy the wonderful weather, come and see us soon!

Have a blessed weekend.

Elizabeth (Beth) Howarth, Administrator

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