August 11, 2022


Good afternoon, Homestead Residents, Families, and Friends!

Today is a beautiful day for Kansas in August!   Thankful for the reprieve from the 100+ temps.  Now if you can get out there and do a rain dance, I would gratefully appreciate it….


Homestead has some great news!  We have hired a Director of Nursing and today is her first day!   Please welcome Andrea Flores to the Homestead family.   Andrea has 29+ years of nursing that encompasses surgical, trauma, emergency, and traveling experience.  After we get her acclimated to Homestead, you will be hearing from her on this channel.


The rest of the great news……..NO COVID.    I almost fear to say anything, however, staff have been great about testing.  That doesn’t mean we are out of the woods.   Sedgwick County is still on high transmission.  So PLEASE, be careful and safe, while out and about. 


School is starting.  Where did the summer go??   Keep our staff in your prayers as most of them have kids and/or grandkids headed back to school.  Lots of ‘stuff’ going on in the school system we didn’t have to contend with 30, 20, 15, 10, even 5 years ago.  Lots of prayer needed for these parents.


With cooler weather on the horizon, Homestead is going to attempt scheduling outings for the residents, e.g. getting in the van and taking short road trips.  Some of our residents are getting cabin fever.  Can’t blame them……it’s been a long, very hot summer.  We may even attempt Botanical Gardens.  If you would like to volunteer to assist with your loved one on any of our outings, please contact Ashley Mallory.


As always, thank you for your prayers and support.  I am not sure we will ever see ‘normal’ again.  Every day something new appears, albeit, a new virus, a new regulation, a new whatever!  Our industry will never be the same going forward.  So finding any semblance of normalcy may be elusive.  However, having great family/friend support is vital for Homestead Health Center.  SO THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Have a blessed and wonderful remainder of the week and weekend!


Elizabeth (Beth) Howarth