July 29, 2021
Homestead Health Center

Good afternoon, everyone!
Definitely know summer is here! Please be careful with outside activities, keep hydrated, wear sunscreen, hats, and don’t overdo……..

This update will address vaccination status and visitation:

As more and more healthcare associations throw their hats into the mandated vaccinations arena, Homestead is keeping an open mind and staying informed with the on-going changes.  Our facility is approximately 55% vaccinated for staff and 98% vaccinated for residents.  Education seems to be what most staff members are seeking.  Social media and even journalism media have convoluted the information to the point it is hard to shift the truth from personal judgement.  Homestead continues to hold monthly vaccination clinics within the facility for those seeking vaccination and we are encouraging staff to ask questions of nurses and medical doctors.  


Homestead’s goal is resident/staff safety.  Currently, visitation is fairly open with limited restrictions.  The clinical team is watching Sedgwick County closely.  The Delta variant is alive in Sedgwick County and it can affect those who are fully vaccinated.  

This being said, this is our tentative plan should Sedgwick County goes over 10% positivity rate:
•    Visitation will revert to the indoor booths for everyone. 
•    Screening and masking will continue to be mandated. 
•    Visitors will not be able to remove masks while visiting.  
•    Touching will not be allowed.
•    Hand sanitizing will be required. 
•    We do have technology so residents will be able to hear. 
•    Visitors for compassionate care visits will need to don proper personal protective equipment, e.g. mask and gown.  Hand sanitizer is provided outside each room and visitors will be expected to sanitize going into and coming out of the room.

It is our intent to keep the facility open for visitation as long as possible.

This will be determine on a daily basis. Homestead will be testing all residents and staff members twice a week for the next couple of weeks.  

PLEASE, do not come visit if you have any acute symptoms or just don’t feel well.  

It breaks my heart to type all this.  I was in hopes we could move forward and put the pandemic behind us.  The virus has spoken otherwise.  I can’t reiterate enough to be wise, use common sense, and seek truthful information.  

On a good note, Homestead has seen an increase in admissions this past couple of weeks.  We are praying for a full house by the end of September.  It’s been good to have new faces.  I think a party will be on the docket when we get through all this.

Again, take care.  Thank you for all the prayers and support.  It is very much appreciated.

Elizabeth (Beth) Howarth

Indoor Visitation Guidelines CDC

Moderna Fact Sheet