October 27, 2021    

TO:  Residents, Families, Friends

Good afternoon!  

The weather has finally decided to adjust to the calendar and it has been wonderful.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get outside and do everything I would like, however, just the change in seasons is invigorating.  Now if fall will stick around for a few more months, we will all be grateful!!!

This communication is filled with LOTS of GREAT news!
•    Homestead is COVID free
•    Visitation is changing
•    Boosters are coming

As of Monday, Homestead was able to take down the isolation rooms!  All residents remain COVID free.

As of TODAY……the following guidelines apply to visitation:
o    Screening for all visitors
o    Masks required in hallways and common areas
o    Limit of 4 visitors per resident per visit
o    That’s all, no more scheduling, no more booths.  
o    We only ask you to use common sense when visiting, do not visit if you are sick (at all), if you get sick within 3-4 days of your visit, call us!  It is important to call us. 
Booster shots are on their way.   
•    Pfizer boosters next week
•    Moderna/J&J boosters in approximately 3-4 weeks

Now that we have that out of the way….What about outings? 
Outings will be allowed once the Sedgwick County positivity rate drops below 5% per the CDC.  Our goal is to have all residents with booster shots at that time.  Current rate is 8.54%.  

Can I get a “HURRAH” from anyone?   There is a vague possibility life will turn back to some sense of normalcy in 2022.  I can hardly wait.  We have been told masks will continue to be required in our healthcare setting for a while, but we can always hope and pray that is sooner and not later.

Pass this information on to everyone!   It is on our Facebook and website.  I missed the statements.  I will send something out by mail in the next 10 days covering more on boosters and plans for the coming holidays.
THANK YOU!   For support, prayers, encouragement.  I know there will be challenges along the way and not everything will be bright, cheery, and rosy, however, this past 18 months has taught me to be very grateful for the little blessings along the way.  And they are there, if we look for them.

Have a blessed weekend!   See you in November……..

Elizabeth (Beth) Howarth, Administrator

KS- Booster Vaccination 

Indoor Visitation Guidelines CDC

Moderna Fact Sheet