Homestead Health Center

January 20, 2021



Good Afternoon!  Hope everyone has been enjoying the mild January weather!


Homestead vaccinated 76 residents and staff on Friday, January 15th.   The breakdown in percentages is 85% of residents and 49% of staff.   There were some side effects experienced but everything was back to “normal” by Monday.  The vaccine clinic went smoothly.  Should you like to see the clinic in progress, has a news story.

The next round of vaccine is set for February 12th.   This will include a second round and possibly a first round for new residents and staff deciding to receive the vaccine.  We are waiting on word from the pharmacy as to how much vaccine will be available.


The hot question:  when will visits start again?  Great question and I would love to be able to give you a detailed, definitive answer.  It is the question on everyone’s mind.  So far, KDADS/CDC have not provided any inkling there may be an answer, at least any time soon.  I know LeadingAge National is having a webinar for members later this month and this is one of the topics.  I am sure everyone will be anxious to hear what has to be said.

It is our desire at Homestead to be able to provide a means of visiting sooner than later.  Be assured, when and if, we get any answers to help us plan, I will share them.  Until then, we will continue to provide visits through Zoom, Facetime, and telephone.  I wish I had better news!!


The Sedgwick County positivity rate continues to decline.  That is great news.  Staff are test twice per week currently.

Census is starting to inch up.  Homestead has had two new admissions this week.  Rooms are painted and floors shining ready for new residents. 

Homestead staff continue to express gratitude and thankfulness for the support and encouragement provided by families and friends throughout last year.  I hear from other facilities where the same great phenomenon happened.  People are truly amazing.  I guess in crisis it just shines brighter than in other times.

It feels great to be able to fill this page with positive things.  I am glad the pandemic has brought about the communication and updates.  It is my pleasure to share the happenings around the facility and keep you abreast of events and plans.  So just know, I will continue these updates so we can stay connected.

Blessings on each of you this week and always……

Thank you for being there for us.  We appreciate you.

Elizabeth (Beth) Howarth

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