Homestead Health Center

COVID Update

November 30, 2020


Good afternoon to everyone:

Homestead is moving residents around AGAIN!   This time it is for a good reason!  We are moving many of the residents back to their familiar places.  It is so good to see the smiles on their faces when they walk through the door of their place.  Along with getting back to familiar territory will come familiar routines, which should facilitate continued recuperation.

I thank everyone for the calls of support/prayer during the past week.  I also thank Little Caesars pizza for the lunch donation on Saturday.  We had pizza for everyone in the building!  We are overwhelmed with gratitude by the outpouring of support from everyone! 

To date, we have only one lone resident still negative.  There have been six COVID related deaths.   Our hearts are broken for these families.  Of the remaining residents, most are recovering well with some fatigue and weakness.  We have three residents we are watching closely. 

Staff are beginning to come back to work.  There are a few with some lingering symptoms making it not possible to return just yet.  There have been no staff hospitalizations.

I told my management team this morning this was a very unwelcome way to experience a team-building exercise!  Yet staff came through with flying colors as everyone reached out to assist and put their own agenda on hold.  Homestead has a tremendous group of people working who look at this as a mission and not just a place to get a paycheck!   I am so proud of everyone.

I, again, encourage you to reach out for updates.  Leaving a message on my extension will ensure a call back. 

This month has been a walk of faith and trust as we have found ourselves lacking in resources and unable to ‘fix’ everyone and everything.  God has been an ever-present Presence at Homestead this month.  So many things humanly impossible have happened due to the God of the possible.  I know He has been at Homestead forever and will continue to be at Homestead in the future, but this month residents and staff have seen His hand working and felt His presence in a mighty way.  My faith is nothing I hide from those who work with me.  Residents know with whom my trust lies.  I praise and thank Him every day for His guidance as we have walked this dark valley of COVID.  We may never know or understand the why, but I know whom I can trust with everything. We will continue to walk in faith, trusting His guidance and following His path.  Homestead is a blessed place. The prayers of the people were heard this month.  Thank you so much for lifting Homestead up in prayer!  As I have said, we will make it through this.  There will be scars.  We are coming into a time of celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ!  His mission on earth ended on a cross with scars.  His resurrection gave us the hope of heaven, all because of the baby in the manger.

I will update again later in the week.


Elizabeth (Beth) Green

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