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A Message from the Administrator

Family members and friends of Homestead Health Center:


I want to reiterate Homestead does not have any symptomatic or confirmed cases of COVID in the facility.

Homestead did implement the ‘Quarantine Plan’ on Thursday afternoon.  This was a result of information provided to the Administrator, DON, and Infection Preventionist regarding a hospice nurse in the building on Tuesday testing positive.  The nurse was asymptomatic and was tested because of a visit to PCP on an unrelated matter.  The nurse visited four residents, was in close contact with two staff members while in the building.  All six people are being quarantined from the general population as of 7:00 pm Thursday evening.  Incubation period is five days, on Monday all six people will be test for COVID with results available Wednesday.

To be cautious residents will be quarantined to their rooms until next Wednesday/Thursday.  We desire to keep all residents and all staff safe and protected.

Should you have contact with your loved one, please encourage them to stay in their rooms and following hand-washing procedures.

I will be providing an update on Wednesday unless something should change.

I ask you to contact me with any questions or concerns.  My work phone number is 316.262.4473 x227

Homestead remains very transparent with information desiring to keep you informed.

We have a great bunch of residents and they are weathering this storm as well as possible.  We encourage phone calls/FaceTime/window visits.


I am involved in webinars every day covering the information flowing from all elder care resources, e.g. CMS, CDC.   Homestead makes necessary changes as mandates and guidance are related.

Good news – it has been 60+ days of no illness within the building and we have seen a drop in staff call-ins!  We have a robust infection program at Homestead.

Homestead is so appreciative of your prayers and support.  We truly have HEROES working in our building. This has been National Nursing Home week.  Management is supporting the direct care staff and others in the facility working hard every day to make Homestead a compassionate, caring place.


Beth Green, Administrator

May 15, 2020

Homestead Health Center

Tucked into a quiet neighborhood setting in southwest Wichita, Homestead Health Center is a not-for-profit skilled/long-term care facility certified for Medicare and Medicaid.

Affiliated with the American Baptist Church Central Region, Homestead has roots in this community dating back to the 1960’s.  With a proud heritage of excellent care and offering the best in nursing care for our residents Homestead offers a 62-bed facility which includes 10 bed unit for skilled Medicare rehab short stays.

We boast a caring staff and care partners.  

We would love for you to visit us!



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