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March 30, 2024


TO:   Residents, Family, and Friends of Homestead Health Center

FROM:   Elizabeth Howarth, Administrator


This blog is in regard to a new regulation issued by CDC/CMS/KDADS affecting our facility.  Beginning April 1, 2024, Homestead Health Center will be following guidance/regulation associated with MDRO’s (Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms).   This guidance/regulation includes “Enhanced Barrier Precautions” to be used in the care of residents who have chronic wounds or indwelling medical devices (e.g., central line, urinary catheter, feeding tube, tracheostomy/ventilator).

I have posted an information sheet along with this blog regarding the new regulations and changes you will be noticing within the facility.  Also, CDC has posted information on their website covering MDRO’s and Enhanced Barrier Precautions.  Go to and search “Enhanced Barrier Precautions”. 

Please reach out to me or Wendy Shumard, DON, for further questions/concerns. 

Thank you.


Elizabeth Howarth, Administrator

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